Internet Satellite Tv Reviews is it worth it. does it work?

Internet satellite Reviews to your tv, never pay for cable again.

Ok this is a product i have actually purchased my self, you download it to your computer and attach an SDMI cable from your laptop, computer, or ipad to your tv/ monitor. then open the program and select from 3500 channels in a variety of languages, local channels are included to an extent ( i.e. by sea board.). additional channels include sports channels, HBO, and many more.

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it is availale on MAC and PC. One payment and thats it no rebill or additional payments to maintain your services. No Bandwith limits and it is available 24/7 to watch..

I highly recommend this product its a great way to save about $100 a month $1200 a year.

by using this product and a majic jack for phone service you pay $100 up front and maintain internet service for $50 a month, you save approximately $135 a month. (plus or minus).

I liked this product because the images are clear no drag in the download of the shows, it truely works like satellite or cable tv. the changing of channels does take getting used to.

if you are a techincal person you can set this up to work through out the whole house, its easy to download, and easy to setup to watch on my tv through my laptop using a hdmi cable.

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